About Us



National Engineering Mentors Organization (NEMO) began as a student-run mentorship program at Tufts University in Spring 2013.  Since then it has more than tripled in size, and throughout its growth the founders maintain their vision: to provide a platform for students to help one another while developing connections that bridge across class years, majors, and college campuses.


NEMO improves the higher education experience by enabling students to leverage the experience of their peers through mentoring relationships. Once a student is paired as a mentee, they have a peer mentor to help them succeed by sharing advice on academics, career development and overall college success.

For mentors, this is an experience which will develop their leadership potential, sharpen their communication skills, and offer an outlet for sharing the unique lessons they’ve learned in college. It is also an opportunity for mentors to join and contribute to a community while building a network of individuals who are committed to helping one another.

For mentees, this is an opportunity for first and second year students to become more successful, reach their goals faster and to greater degrees, and to make the most of their time as undergraduates. Those who choose to join are  paired with a mentor and will have the chance to leap forward.  To have a mentor is to have  a person that is a text message away, and someone who can give relevant advice because they’ve been in your position one or two years earlier.  As a mentee, you have someone whom you can ask any question, a person to help navigate courses and give you tips about maximizing your opportunities on campus — preparing you for the semesters ahead and giving you  additional time to explore a college experience driven by your passions.