NEMO’s Mentorship Program


NEMO Chapters

At National Engineering Mentors Organization, we provide peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities to students in Engineering, Computer Sciences, and other STEM majors. National Engineering Mentors Organization provides mentorship program relationship support and training to each NEMO Chapter.  NEMO mentees and mentors also are recognized through our Mentorship Certificates, which certify mentorship milestones and achievement standards that all mentors must meet during each year of mentoring.

Mentorship Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I sign up to be a mentee or mentor?

To begin, fill out our general interest survey – which can be found on our Facebook Page or can be emailed upon request.  Send an email to to request to sign up.

When can I sign up? Is there a deadline?

Students can sign up at the beginning of each semester before our sign up deadline.  Visit our FB page or reach out via email to learn more about the deadline for the current semester.

Visit our FB page or reach out via email (

Who can be a mentor? Are there any restrictions?

All students that have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above and have at least four full semesters completed (i.e. Juniors and Seniors) are eligible to be mentors.  Exceptions are made for students that have completed co-ops during their first four semesters.  Additionally, all members must attend a NEMO Mentor Orientation event before they are eligible to be paired.

How do I communicate with my mentor/mentee?

Each pair may use whatever means of communication they prefer.  We recommend phone or video calls when in person meetings are not possible.

What if I do not have experience as a mentor?

Don’t worry if you do not have experience, we will prepare you to be a great mentor.  In fact, some of our top mentors started with no experience at all. Many of our mentors find that they have had several mentees and mentors in their lives even if they never used the terms “mentee” or “mentor.” At the end of the day, mentorship just means helping someone walk down a path you have already walked before.

Do I need to be on campus to participate as a mentor? As a mentee?

Everyone can be a mentor or mentee, regardless of whether they are on campus or not.

When will I meet my mentor?

Mentees and mentors meet shortly after the Mentee and Mentor Orientation Events.

How long do mentoring relationships last?

Mentors are paired with mentees for one academic year (or two consecutive semesters). Most relationships begin when a freshman starts their first semester and ends when that mentee becomes a mentor as a junior. Even after the formal mentoring relationship ends, many pairs stay in touch even after the mentor graduates.

I’m not sure I’m ready to be a mentor…what do I have that others can learn from?

The hallmark of a great mentor isn’t knowing the answer to everything – it’s consistently doing your best to guide and support your mentee. Some quick ways to get started on helping your mentee are to tell them about yourself: what classes you’ve enjoyed, how you get ready for exams, how to look for internships, or what are the best events on campus. Imagine you could go back in time and tell your freshman self everything you know how. What would you say?

Will I have enough time as a student to be a mentor?

This is a good question to ask before getting involved. On average, mentors spend 10-20 minutes per week helping each of their mentees.

Is a mentor also a tutor?

A mentor is not a tutor. However, mentors may offer guidance on how to approach schoolwork and which resources are available to assist students.

How am I paired with my mentor/mentee?

Using NEMO’s PerfectPair Match Algorithm, mentees are paired with mentors who share their academic and extracurricular interests.  Pairing is based on their answers to a series of questions which have been designed to draw out the key traits that make for a strong relationship.

Can a mentor have multiple mentees?

Yes, mentors may take on multiple mentees.