The NEMO PairMatch Algorithm


Inside The Mentor Equation: How NEMO Calculates Your Ideal Mentor

It All Comes Down to the Algorithm

One of the distinguishing features of the NEMO Mentoring Model is the PairMatch Algorithm.

Most mentoring programs use hand pairing by a human to decide how to pair mentees and mentors.

The problem with human pairing is that humans can only consider a handful of factors when deciding who to pair before they get overwhelmed.  Many people end up being paired with someone who is not the best fit because the matchmaker used their own intuition and bias to make their decision.

The NEMO PairMatch algorithm is different. With the power of modern computing, it’s easy to perform thousands of comparisons every second. The era of Big Data is here, and NEMO uses data to decide which factors matter when pairing mentees and mentors.

Human based matchmaking relies on people’s intuition, which tends to look for people who match on several different dimensions, even if those dimensions are irrelevant to whether a match will be good or not.

NEMO runs it’s algorithm on a powerful server that allows the algorithm to consider tens of thousands of potential pairs to find the best possible pairings. This kind of in depth pairing methodology would take a room of hundreds of people many days to complete.

With the PairMatch algorithm, we can create the strongest possible pairings in a fraction of the time.

The result?

A stronger community and better relationships for our mentees and mentors.